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  RC Airplane GPS Telemetry Field Test Data

GPS Telemetry Field Test Data 04/10/2004

We installed the GPS receiver and 900MHz telemetry link for a trial run. Using a Sharp hand held computer we captured the transmitted GPS data at 1 reading per second. Current systems allow 4 readings per second.
Which included:
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Elevation
  • Time
  • Heading and speed (derived)

  • See the field test pictures here.

    Picture of GPS captured data using a hand held computer:

    Below are screen shoots of a GPS data plotting program still in development.

    A 3D plot of the flight's GPS data:

    This application simulates the flight in a 3D space over a satellite terrain. Note the blue airplane and the yellow GPS plot points and connecting lines.

    An early 2D plot of the GPS data:

    Yet another view of the 3D data plot: